ASUO Elections This Week!

The ASUO, our campus-wide student government, will be holding elections for the 2014-2015 academic year in the coming weeks. This is an important election for graduate students to pay attention to and participate in. Students will be voting on a ballot measure that would increase graduate student representation on the ASUO Senate. In addition, three GTFs are running in this election… Continue reading ASUO Elections This Week!

ASUO Election

Greetings, As regards this week’s ASUO election, the GTFF Executive Board and Executive Council has decided not to endorse any particular candidates in this ASUO election. You can vote by logging into DuckWeb and going to the Student section where you will find a link to the ballot. There are two slates of candidates running,… Continue reading ASUO Election

GTFF Candidate Donations – Volunteer Opportunities

The GTFF executive council has voted to donate $500 to Pat Riggs-Henson in her race for Lane County Commissioner and $500 to John Kitzhaber in his race for Oregon Governor.  The GTFF membership at the GMM has already endorsed these candidates and the exectuive council felt it was important to also donate money directly to… Continue reading GTFF Candidate Donations – Volunteer Opportunities

Fall 2010 Election – GTFF Endorsements at GMM

At the Fall General Membership Meeting the GTFF voted to endorse the following candidates and ballot measures: A yes vote of John Kitzhaber for Governor of OR A yes vote of Pat Riggs-Henson for Lane County Commissioner A yes vote of Peter DeFazio for Congressional Representative, Oregon’s 4th District A yes vote of Ballot Measure 71 –… Continue reading Fall 2010 Election – GTFF Endorsements at GMM

Student Vote Coalition

The GTFF executive council has vote to support the efforts of the Student Vote Coalition.  The Student Vote Coalition is working to register new student voters, in the non-partisan manner, on campus.  Members of the Student Vote Coalition will be going around to classes to register new Oregon voters this Fall.  We encourage all GTFs… Continue reading Student Vote Coalition