UO Resources

Graduate Employee Forms

You can find the following forms at the link above:

  • Application form for GE positions
  • Recommendation form for GE applications
  • Research GE FTE form for research GEs with 9- and 12-month appointments
  • Workload allocation form for helping you maintain a healthy balance between your dual role as an employee and a student
  • Summer sandwich tuition remission form for GEs who have either:
    • a) a GE appointment in at least 2 terms in an academic year AND a fall term appointment in the following year, OR
    • b) a GE appointment in spring term AND 3 terms in the following academic year

GE Position Openings

New postings are added regularly.

Funding Resources

A list of funding resources for graduate students.

GE Policies and Procedures

This page on the UO Graduate School site is more for the hiring departments than GEs. However, the links on this page will provide information about the procedure of hiring GEs.

Instructor training resources