Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement

Greetings GTFF Insurance Enrollee!

You may have got a postcard, or an email, from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement (c/o JND Legal Administration) that looks like this

It is not a scam: Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) — the national organization composed of regional BCBS insurance carriers (e.g., Regence is Oregon’s BCBS)  is being sued for anti-competitive practices.  The case is still being heard. 

An article about it in the Oregonian is here

The big question: are GTFF members eligible for part of the settlement when the case is resolved?  In the write up it is stated,  “Generally, eligible employers are self-funded accounts with over 5,000 employees and a large number of employees dispersed across the country.” 

That does not include the GTFF.  In fact, when I do a search on the law firm’s eligible “companies,” I cannot find the GTFF listed.

However, the law firm suing BCBS states, “[…] this list is not to be used to determine your eligibility to file a claim,” and I definitely will not discourage you from filing a claim if you desire, but cannot offer any other advice or information than what is in sources provided. The GTFF is not a party to this case so if you do decide to join the suit, you are doing so as an individual and the GTFF Health and Welfare Trust can offer no assistance or counsel to guide you.

We only found out about it from a member forwarding me the email and then getting the postcard myself yesterday–another clue our members have no stake in this fight.

Here is the official write up Regence sent me, here

Here is the fancy site the law firm suing BCBS  set up here