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VIDEO EXPLANATION: we STRONGLY encourage you to watch the above video, in its entirety, before signing up: it should answer *most* of the questions folks have. 

Medical Benefits: 1:21, Pharmacy: 5:30, Vision: 6:49, Dental: (PPO: 10:26, HMO: 12:08), Travel benefits: 15:07, Life insurance: 16:20

WRITTEN SUMMARY: Click HERE for the written summary used in the above video and you, too, can follow along at home! 

NEW INTENATIONAL GE’S will WAIVE out of the UO’s international student insurance at the SAME type you ENROLL into the GTFF plan.

PAYROLL DEDUCTION FORM: when you sign up you will be directed to the payroll deduction form to sign up to have your share of the premiums taken from your paychecks automatically!  Per our contract, GE’s pay 5% of the cost any term you have a GE.  Summer you can keep the coverage without a GE , but pay 20%

The grand total of premiums owed will be taken out over nine paychecks in small, equal, installments.  You do NOT pay the grand total upfront! 

Rates can be found here

INSURANCE CARDS WILL BE MAILED: After you have filled out the application and submitted payroll deduction (and waiver if international), we will process your application and the carriers will mail your cards.   We have to verify your employment and send applications to carriers, IT MAY TAKE A COUPLE OF WEEKS. Regardless, your coverage, when activated, WILL BE EFFECTIVE FROM 09/16/20 FORWARDSi.e., if you sign up on 09/23/20 and your application is not processed until 10/01/20, your coverage will be retro-active to 09/16/20 and any medical/dental/vision/pharmacy expense you have to pay for out of pocket will be reimbursable. 

When negotiating our contract with the University, the GTFF makes it a priority to insure that GEs have quality health insurance that is fully subsidized while working for the university (the only exception is the summer term, see FAQs).

The GTFF health insurance provider is Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield for medical, pharmacy, and vision.  Pacific Source for dental (have have two dental plans to choose from).

New  GEs (or if you have a gap between GE positions) must sign up for health insurance.  New GEs are not automatically signed up for health insurance.

If you have questions, you can contact Glenn Morris, our health care administrator, at (541) 344-0832 or via email at

Insurance Premium Costs
Summary of Benefits
Complete Benefit Book 2019-2020 (2020-2021 coming soon)
2020-2021 Payroll Deduction Form *NEW GE’s Must also submit application!*

NEW GEs: you MUST submit application to become enrolled in the insurance.  If you just fill out the payroll form and international insurance waiver (if required) you are not enrolled.

If you are a RETURNING GE, but did not take summer insurance, you need to tell Glenn to reinstate you!  If you are a returning GE and you WANT TO ADD/DROP SOMEONE who was on your coverage previously, tell Glenn, don’t just fill out payroll form!)

INTERNATIONAL GEs:  The form will ask if you are international and then load up the UO’s International Student waiver form whereby you waive the UO’s insurance and get the $924 the UO charged you refunded.  Once you submit this, you do NOT have to do the waiver on your “MyHealth” portal in DuckWeb.

Training Grantees Premium Payment  

(for TG’s only!  GE’s use the payroll form linked above)

COBRA Continuation Information
Summer 2020 Insurance Payment