Member Resources

Whether you’re a longtime member or a new GE, follow the links below to find resources for navigating your time at UO.

Contract, Bylaws, and Budget

Read our Collective Bargaining Agreement, internal bylaws of GTFF, and current and former GTFF budgets and financial reports.

Your GE Position

Track your hours, understand your FTE appointment, add a union bug to your syllabus, and more.

Family and Medical Benefits

Apply for Family and Medical Leave or for the Graduate Assistance Fund.

UO Resources

Links to forms, GE job postings, funding resources, training materials, and other resources provided by UO.

International GE Resources

Resources for international GEs, including the SEVIS fee reimbursement form, the GTFF Hardship Fund, and more.

Member Profile

Update your preferred name and contact information in our records.

Steward Resources

Password-protected page for current department stewards.