Your GE Position

Understanding FTE

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) is a unit that indicates the workload of an employee. At the University of Oregon, an FTE of 1.0 indicates full-time (approximately 40 hours/week); an FTE of .50 indicates half-time (20 hours/week). GEs may be employed between .20 and .49 FTE.

The maximum FTE for a GE is .49 (approximately 19.5 hours/week).

Track Your Hours

The following table illustrates hours per week per term, according to FTE level.

(11 wks/term)
(To determine the hours required per term for a particular GE position with an FTE not shown here, multiply the advertised/stated FTE by 438.)

In  order to ensure that your GE position does not exploit your time, use one of these spreadsheets to help track your hours:



Workload Allocation Form

Our Collective Bargaining Agreement gives you the right to request that your supervisor fill out a Workload Allocation Form describing the duties of your GE assignment and the amount of time you are expected to spend on each. The purpose of this form is to foster clear communication and transparency of expectations, and to ensure that you’re not expected to work more hours than you are being paid for. You and your supervisor may revise this form as needed throughout the term of your appointment.

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