FTE and Hours Tracking

Full Time Equivalent

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) is a unit that indicates the workload of an employee.

At the University of Oregon, an FTE of 1.0 indicates full-time (approximately 40 hours/week); an FTE of .50 indicates half-time (20 hours/week). GEs may be employed between .20 and .49 FTE.

The maximum FTE for a GE is .49 (approximately 19.5 hours/week).

Track Your Hours

The following table illustrates hours/week per term, according to FTE level.

FTEHours/termHours/week (11 wks/term)
(To determine the hours required per term for a particular GE position with an FTE not shown here, multiply the advertised/stated FTE by 438.)

In  order to ensure that your GE position does not exploit your time, use one of these spreadsheets to help track your hours: