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GTFF represents over 1,400 Graduate Employees (GEs) at the University of Oregon, leveraging our collective power to win better working conditions, defend our benefits and protections, and move towards a safer, more equitable, and more democratic university.

Our history

The third graduate union in the country, the GTFF was founded in 1975 and has fought for Graduate Employees (GEs) for decades. Our early union efforts in the 1970s and 80s led to contracts with the University of Oregon for multiple 14%+ raises, maximum workload limits, grievance procedures, and rights to safe and healthy workplaces. Our union’s members build on the victories of the past year after year, winning affordable, quality health insurance, lower student fees, pay raises, and gender identity protections. We have won and continue to fight for support for international GEs, funds for childcare and medical expenses, paid parental leave, and more. Read more about our history and past wins here.

Our goals

  • Improve the quality of life for GEs in the areas of salary, workload, and working conditions through collective bargaining and the enforcement of our contract.
  • Fight for an adequately funded educational system, accessible for all people.
  • Help create a revitalized, socially-aware union movement as a positive force for change in the entire community.

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The GTFF is a democratic organization of you and your fellow Graduate Employee colleagues. Everything we do is the result of members getting together to talk, organize, and take action.

Find out how to get involved in your union community here. To join a caucus of members with shared identities, interests, backgrounds, or beliefs, look here.

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