Family and Medical Benefits

As part of our Collective Bargaining Agreement, the University of Oregon offers Family and Medical Leave for all GEs, as well as a Graduate Student Assistance Fund for many similar circumstances. These benefits were won as a result of hard-fought bargaining cycles in 2014, when our union went on strike for better family and medical benefits, and in 2019, when we organized to add paid parental leave.

GEs who are taking care of a newly born, fostered, adopted child, are caring for a spouse, partner, child, or parent with a serious health condition, or are experiencing their own serious health condition, may qualify for leave (in some circumstances this may be paid leave).

GEs in these same situations (or who have childcare expenses in the first 7 years of a child’s life) may also qualify for funding (with maximum awards ranging from $700 to $1500) from the Graduate Student Assistance Fund.

To apply for Family and Medical Leave, and for full details on eligibility, paid vs. unpaid leave, and lengths of leave for different circumstances, see here.

To apply for the Graduate Student Assistance Fund, and for full details on maximum awards and eligibility, see here.

Although there are some overlapping eligibility circumstances, these are separate benefits and processes; GEs who may qualify are encouraged to apply for both. Note that GTFF members serve on the Graduate Student Assistance Fund committee and always encourage GEs to apply.