Executive Board

Board members are elected once per academic year, following a nomination process (at the end of Winter or at the Spring GMM) and a vote among all GTFF members.

Please feel encouraged to email us with any and all questions!

For more information on each of the positions, see the GTFF Bylaws.

Meet your 2023-24 Executive Board!

Leslie Selcer | President

Pronouns: any/all
Department: English and WGSS

Leslie is a PhD candidate specializing in intersectional feminist and antifascist research approaches to the spread of far-right political extremism online. In addition to being a longtime GTFF organizer, they’ve also been involved with local mutual aid efforts and queer community groups. They enjoy ranting about the many evils of capitalism, outdoor rollerskating, and funny pictures with words on ’em.

Matt McIntosh | VP for Organizing

Pronouns: he/him
Department: History

Matt is a labor and environmental historian in the MA History program. He’s been a teacher, fishmonger, doordasher, and used to snag Christmas trees off the lots of Bay Area Home Depots on Boxing Day to boil down to make essential oils for folks who like to pay a lot of money for that kind of stuff. He loves class struggle unionism, dive bars, and trail running. Reach out and let’s organize to win!

Jessie Heine | VP for Grievances

Pronouns: she/her
Department: English

Jessie is a fourth-year PhD student in English studying the intersection of science and fiction in Black science fiction from the early 20th and 21st century. She is from New York state and loves pizza that looks like it came out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, animals, and holding our employer accountable for the terms of our contract.

Lissie Connors | VP for Membership

Pronouns: she/her
Department: Earth Sciences

Lissie is a Ph.D. candidate studying geochemistry and volcanic hazards. She loves well-designed graphs, hiking, and hanging out in the garden.

Erica Pulley | VP for Operations

Pronouns: she/they
Department: SOJC

I am a 2nd year doctoral student researching climate comms, housing justice, activist representation in the media, and climate and housing policy. I have previous union experience serving an elected position on the executive board of the California Faculty Association’s SF State University Chapter (CFA-SFSU). I also have two young kids (so advocating for grad-parent needs, barriers, and addressing discrimination are a top priority) and still maintain a second job at SFSU in order to afford to be in school (even with funding and a GE position… ask me how all this impacts my ability to keep up in my classes and research…). I deeply believe in shared governance, community building, and labor education, and I am proud to be involved in such a unique graduate union with a rich (40+ year!) history to build upon.

Jack perse | Co-VP for Equity & Inclusion

Pronouns: they/them
Department: SOJC

Hi! I’m a second-year doctoral student researching queer game development and the emotional labor of creating queer art. This is my first year on the eboard and I’m excited to continue the wonderful labor efforts of GTFF. I’ve also been trying to learn how to rollerblade this summer and haven’t fallen down yet!

Nishtha Yadav | Co-VP for Equity & Inclusion

Pronouns: she/her
Department: SOJC

Nishtha is a second-year doctoral student researching social movements, specifically focusing on the evolution of organizing and mobilization within diasporic activist communities in India. Along with a passion for community engagement and political communication, she finds sheer delight in the world of museums, delectable desserts, and the glitz of Hollywood!

Rosa Inocencio Smith | VP for Member Communications

Pronouns: she/her
Department: English

Rosa is a fourth-year PhD student studying multiethnic American literature of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She used to write newsletters for a publication without a union, and is very happy to be writing them for GTFF instead. This is her second year serving as VP for Member Communications. She crochets compulsively, hikes occasionally, and strongly believes in the healing power of pie.

Kristina Beggen | VP for Political Education

Pronouns: she/her
Department: Environmental Studies and Sociology

Kristina is a second-year PhD student working in the interdisciplinary field of animal studies. She researches wolves, wolf policy/conservation, and settler colonialism. Kristina loves to organize and has been a proud member of five unions. She lives with her best friend/dog Okie and always knows what phase the moon is in.

Emily Beatty | VP for External Relations

Pronouns: they/them
Department: Political Science

I am a third-year student in the Political Science department, where my focuses are on political theory and creative democratic resistance. I served as the VP of External Relations in 2022-23 and quickly came to love the responsibility of strengthening our union’s relationship with campus and community labor allies, so I’m back for round two! I am highly passionate about helping all members realize their capacity as organizers, whether as a rank-and-file or as an elected leader!

Tom Bouley | Treasurer

Pronouns: he/him
Department: Physics

I’m a 5th year PhD student in the physics department. I study dark matter and do astroparticle physics. I have the best cat, he is named Nilla.