Executive Board

Meet your 2022-2023 e-board!

Board members are elected once per academic year, following a nomination process (at the end of Winter or at the Spring GMM) and a vote among all GTFF members.

Please feel encouraged to email us with any and all questions!

For more information on each of the positions, see the GTFF Bylaws.

Kisa Clark smiling in a red blazer with brick background.

Kisa Clark | President

Pronouns: she/her
Department: School of Journalism and Communication

Kisa Clark is a 5th year PhD student and candidate in Communication and Media Studies. She has a background in video production and her research centers health communication and health equity. She also loves spending time outdoors and traveling. 

Smiling man in red shirt standing above sea cliff

Cy Abbott | VP for Grievances

Pronouns: he/him
Department: Geography

I am a fan of old maps and non-exploitative working environments.

Black woman with glasses sitting outside in black outfit smiling

Emalydia Flenory | Co-VP for Equity & Inclusion

Pronouns: she/her
Department: English

Emalydia is a third-year PhD student in the English department studying representations of Black sexuality in U.S. pop culture.  She’s a Wisconsinite who believes breakfast is the superior meal and that Seinfeld is one of the best sitcoms of all time. This will be her second year serving as co-VP of Equity & Inclusion with Raye Hendrix.

Against a white background is a person with short red hair wearing a black shirt.

Raye Hendrix | Co-VP for Equity & Inclusion

Pronouns: she/her
Department: English

Raye is a 3rd year PhD student studying Poetry, Deafness, and Disability. Raye is originally from Alabama (War Eagle) and is always down to talk about cats & college football.

Against a background of trees is a person with short red hair and wearing a black shirt.

Emily Beatty |
VP for External Relations

Pronouns: they/them
Department: Political Science

I’m a second year student studying political economic theory and community organizing. Although new to organizing, I am passionate about building self-sufficient communities and ensuring access to a democratic campus and workplace. 

A portrait picture of Peter Suechting.

Pete Suechting | VP for Membership

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Department: Environmental Sciences, Studies, and Policy & Political Science

I study the politics of industrial policy, decarbonization, and energy transitions. At GTFF, my mission is to help build and cultivate the membership infrastructure necessary to mobilize collective power to fight and win.

Person with grey and brown curly hair and brown glasses in front of a cream background.

Rye Davies |
VP for Political Education

Pronouns: they/them
Department: English

Rye is a 3rd year PhD student in English exploring digital media as a site for telling revolutionary stories. They are currently in the planning stages of creating their second video game, which will tell the story of a disabled trans woman stealing information from the elite to distribute to the public.

Standing before a background of trees is a person with closed eyes, a grey ball cap, and a red vest standing in front of a table.

Lillian DeVane | VP for Organizing

organizing@gtff.net Pronouns: she/her Department: Folklore

Lillian is a second-year master’s student studying laborlore and occupational culture.  She hosts a podcast about the service industry and loves dive bars.

Standing before a background of flowers is a person with medium length brown hair in a mask and yellow dress.

Courtney Tabor | VP for Operations

Pronouns: she/they
Department: School of Journalism and Communication

I’m a 4th year doctoral candidate studying prisons & political communication. I’m the VP Ops this year so hmu about snacks, insurance, merch, and elections!

In front of a cream background is a person with short brown hair and red lipstick wearing a grey blazer.

Teresa Caprioglio | Treasurer

Pronouns: she/they
Department: School of Journalism and Communication

Teresa is a 5th-year PhD candidate studying queer identity and trauma recovery on television. Also an avid baker, cat lover, and recovering a cappella singer, Teresa has previously served as an SOJC steward and as VP for Member Comms. 

Rosa Inocencio Smith | VP for Member Communications

Pronouns: she/her
Department: English

Rosa is a third-year PhD student studying multiethnic American literature of the 1830s-1920s. She crochets compulsively, hikes occasionally, and strongly believes in the healing powers of pie.