International Student Hardship Fund

Attention international graduate students! GTFF’s Hardship Fund has been replenished and is open for new applications! The Hardship Fund is meant to help with housing costs, immigration expenses, and other financial needs for international student GTFF members.

Please apply here by 11:59 PDT on 31 Oct 2021 to request financial support from GTFF:…/1FAIpQLScy1…/viewform…

Funds will be dispersed in early November.

For context, this new round of funding comes from a $15,000 grant we were awarded from the American Federation of Teachers’ Back to School For All campaign in September 2021. Back to School for All is a campaign to engage students and workers in returning to safe, equitable, in-person schooling.

This grant replenishes and builds on this fiscal year’s Hardship Fund, which our union opened in July 2021 with $40,000 in funds initially from GTFF alone.

That’s just one part of why being a union member matters; our dues help each other by supporting important programs like this!

Watch the video below for a testimonial from a member who the Hardship Fund helped in the past, who called it a “huge relief” for flight costs and passport fees at a critical moment, allowing them to stay and resume their work in the Fall. (Thank you to AFT-Oregon for recording and editing this video and contributing to our Hardship Fund that year!)