Stewards Council

Stewards represent GEs in their work areas, organize new Members, monitor working conditions and contract abuses, educate and mobilize Members, and vote in the Executive Council.

Each department or work area has at least one designated Steward position, with more allotted proportionally according to the number of GEs in each department. Stewards are elected following a nomination process (at the end of Winter or at the Spring GMM) and a vote among the Members in their respective work areas. In the event of a vacancy, the President or VP of Organizing may appoint someone to be a Steward.

Your department or work area might not have a Steward; vacant positions are indicated on the list. If you are willing to fill a vacant Steward position for your department, please contact either the VP of Organizing or the Staff Organizer.

For more information about Stewards’ duties, visit the Union’s Bylaws or the Stewards’ Handbook.

Contact all Lead Stewards at

DepartmentsLead StewardEmail
HumanitiesFrida Heitland (English)
Social SciencesMeredith Jacobson (ENVS & Sociology)
Natural SciencesRhoda Tetteh (OIMB, ENVS)
Arts & EducationPresence O’Neal (Education)