ASUO Election


As regards this week’s ASUO election, the GTFF Executive Board and Executive Council has decided not to endorse any particular candidates in this ASUO election.

You can vote by logging into DuckWeb and going to the Student section where you will find a link to the ballot.

There are two slates of candidates running, Ducks for a Difference and United Oregon. You can find the Ducks for a Difference website here and the website for United Oregon here.

Though the GTFF is not endorsing any slate of candidates, we encourage members to consider voting in favor of funding OSPIRG, which is a separate initiative on the ASUO ballot. The GTFF has developed an alliance with OSPIRG, previously supporting them for their environmental issues, as well as working closely with OSPIRG members in the the League of Educators and Students Slashing Tuition (LESS-T) to lower tuition. OSPIRG has been defunded by ASUO this year, and so the current initiative on the ballot is to refund OSPIRG. The GTFF supports OSPIRG independently of our relation to ASUO. For more information on OSPIRG to form your own informed opinion, you can visit their website here.

In solidarity,