Fall 2010 Election – GTFF Endorsements at GMM

At the Fall General Membership Meeting the GTFF voted to endorse the following candidates and ballot measures:

  • A yes vote of John Kitzhaber for Governor of OR
  • A yes vote of Pat Riggs-Henson for Lane County Commissioner
  • A yes vote of Peter DeFazio for Congressional Representative, Oregon’s 4th District
  • A yes vote of Ballot Measure 71 – Change the legislature’s meeting to every year instead of every other year
  • A no vote on Ballot Measure 73 – Oregon Minimum Criminal Sentence Increase

PDF of AFT-OR 2010 election recommendations: AFTOregonelection2010

For more election information see the AFT-OR Election 2010 recommendations and information webpage (includes an election guide).

For a non partisan discussion of the candidates and issues, see: http://www.healthydemocracy.org/

For more the Online Voters’ Guide Pamphlet see the OR Secretary of State Election Division webpage.

To register to vote online go here.

The GTFF is supporting the efforts of the Student Vote Coalition Vote OR Vote campaign and their efforts to register students on the UO campus in a non-partisan manner.