Campus Labor Council Meets with President Scholz to Discuss Work at UO

President Scholz highlighted a few priorities for his leadership, including things like promoting a student-centered culture and advancing UO’s efforts on diversity, equity, and inclusion. CLC members expressed a mutual interest in collaborating to meet these goals, and shared their deep commitments to the university’s academic mission.

COVID Response Committee Statement

The University of Oregon administration recently made its decision about campus reopening for Winter term, and has opted for primarily remote instruction, similar to fall term. We appreciate that UO has made this announcement with sufficient time for faculty, staff and students to plan for the winter term. However, despite largely remote instruction in both… Continue reading COVID Response Committee Statement

Eugene Weekly: “Schill Throws His ‘O’K About UO”

UO President Michael Schill talks Knight campus at City Club, UO students feel left out A relationship between a college town and a university is a lot like a marriage, says Michael Schill. The relationship can’t be one-sided and must be a symbiotic relationship. If that’s the case, Schill wanted to remind the City Club of… Continue reading Eugene Weekly: “Schill Throws His ‘O’K About UO”