Bargaining in the News

The GTFF’s strike authorization vote has gotten a lot of media coverage recently. Here are links to some of these articles. “Graduate teachers at UO on the verge of a strike” Northwest labor press. Nov. 4, 2014. “GTF and mother Danielle Perry speaks out about GTFF strike” Francesca Fontana. Daily Emerald. Nov. 3, 2014 “Graduate Teachers… Continue reading Bargaining in the News

Paid Leave Letter

A graduate student recently had a letter published in The Register Guard discussing the importance of paid parental leave. His letter follows. Thank you, Jon, for speaking out on the behalf of your fellow graduate employees. UO’s grad employees deserve parental leave By Jon LaRochelle AUG. 19, 2014 Since November 2013, the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation… Continue reading Paid Leave Letter

Media Update – April 2014

The GTFF has been in the news a lot over the past couple of weeks. Here are a variety of articles about the GTFF! KEZI: “Graduate Teaching Fellows Rally at UO” (April 25, 2014) “Events Tackle Student Debt Issue” (April 25, 2014) KLCC: “UO Graduate Teaching Fellows Say Pay Falls Short” (April 25, 2014) The… Continue reading Media Update – April 2014

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Bargaining in the Media1

Recently, many local news outlets have started reporting on our bargaining session. Following are links to articles by regional media. KLCC [1] U of O Graduate Student Teachers Rally for Increased Compensation. Karen Richards – Feb. 14, 2014   Daily Emerald [1] University negotiates with Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation continues today. Jennifer Hernandez – Feb. 7,… Continue reading Bargaining in the Media1