Bargaining 2014 TA’d Articles

The GTFF and the University of Oregon Administration tentative agreed to (TA’d) a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA). A brief, one page, summary of the agreement is here. A longer explanation will be available soon.

The collective bargaining process created a new Graduate Student Assistance Fund. The Fund is created and described through Memorandum of Understanding between the University President, Dean of the Graduate School, and the Graduate Assistance Fund Committee. This document is here.

Below are copies off all articles in the complete collective bargaining agreement tentatively agreed to on Dec. 10, 2014. There will be ratification vote on the CBA by the GTFF soon.

Article 3 Union Rights Signed 2/14/14
Article 4 Dues deductions/Fair Share Members Signed 2/21/14
Article 8 Nondiscrimination Signed 4/18/14
Article 9 Work Agreement/Work Assignment Signed 9/30/14
Article 10 Health, Safety and Work Environment Signed 5/7/14
Article 12 Evaluations Signed 2/14/14
Article 13 Grievances Signed 3/14/14
Article 15 Arbitration Signed 2/14/14
Article 16 Discipline and Discharge Signed 3/14/14
Article 17 Appointment/Reappointment Signed 5/9/14
Article 18 Summer Term Signed 12/10/14
Article 20 Layoffs Signed 5/9/14
Article 21 Salary Signed 12/10/14
Article 22 Tuition Waiver Signed 12/10/14
Article 23 Health Insurance Signed 12/10/14
Article 25 Courses as a Condition of Employment Signed 3/21/14
Article 28 Absences Signed 12/10/14
Article 29 Totality of Agreement Signed 12/10/14
Article 30 Severability Signed 2/14/14
Article 31 Negotiation of Successor Agreement Signed 12/10/14
Article 32 Printing and Distribution of the Contract Signed 2/14/14
Article 33 Notices and Communications Signed 12/10/14
Article (Last article) Definition Signed 12/10/14
Appendix A Data Network Improvements Signed 12/10/14
Appendix B Family and Medical Leave
(This appendix was moved into Article 28)
Signed 12/10/14
Appendix H Ongoing Systematic Monitoring of Course Load Signed 3/21/14
Appendix H Health Insurance Contribution Rates Signed 12/12/14
New Appendix Criminal Records Checks Signed 3/14/14
New Appendix Drug Testing Signed 4/18/14