GTFF 2014-2015 Insurance Improvements

We are pleased to announce, starting September 16th the already awesome GTFF insurance insurance gets even better.  Please take a moment, or longer, to learn about the exciting additions we have in store.

There are many ways to learn about the new benefits.  The best way is probably in person.  PacificSource and our Benefits Administrator, Glenn, will hold informal informational sessions on campus throughout August and September.  The first ones are coming up in the following locations/times:

  • Tuesday, August 19 at Noon in Allen Hall, Room 101
  • Monday, August 25 at 5:00 PM in Allen Hall, Room 101
  • Wednesday, August 27 at Noon in Allen Hall, Room 101

Can’t make any of these sessions?

Here is a summary of upcoming benefits created by PacificSource.

Wow, that summary is pretty long.  OK, here is one-sheet summarizing the summary.

Got a busy lifestyle more suited to bullet-points?  To sum up the summary of the summary:

  • We are moving to an HMO-style dental network and getting major dental coverage (e.g., crowns, orthodontics, and no more yearly limit).  *BUT* YOU MUST SELECT A “PRIMARY CARE DENTIST” FROM THE NEW NETWORK!  STAY TUNED FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON THAT.
  • Vision: now you’ll be able to actually afford to have an exam & get glasses (or contacts).
  • Many routine medical office visits at the University Health Center will be free–no more reimbursement receipts for many basic services.
  • The amount you pay towards prescriptions will count towards your annual $1,100 out of pocket maximum.   i.e., if you pay $1,100 out of pocket for medical, or prescription bills, insurance will pick up 100% of your allowable medical and prescription costs after that.