GE Stories: Adam M.

Among the economic issues at stake in the lives of graduate students and GEs is the issue of affordable and accessible housing. GEs often are to required to spend a substantial quantity of their entire monthly income on housing. Thus, housing independently is quite arguably the biggest expense graduate students face. While the university manages… Continue reading GE Stories: Adam M.

GE Stories: Dan Shtob

I believe that, for parents, access to childcare in graduate school is not a matter of ease or difficulty, but can determine whether the opportunity to be in graduate school exists at all. To this end, it is a matter of diversity and inclusion not just for parents and non-traditional students. It is a matter… Continue reading GE Stories: Dan Shtob

GE Stories: Jason McLarty

     My name is Jason McLarty and I am a PhD candidate in the Linguistics Department here. While here at the University of Oregon, I have been a dedicated and productive graduate researcher presenting over twenty singly and jointly authored papers and posters at numerous regional, national, and international conferences, as well as several publications… Continue reading GE Stories: Jason McLarty