Steward Candidate Statements

Below are statements offered by candidates for steward positions in individual departments.

Steward Candidates and Statements


  • Annie Caruso
  • Andrea Eller

I’m Andrea and I’m a doctoral student in Biological Anthropology. As a supporter of workers’ rights, and of the right to earn a living wage for full time work, I believe the GTFF defends the labor rights of myself and my colleagues while we are employed as GTFs at the UO, along with providing other essential resources. Because I honor these protections, and because I believe in a commitment to academic service, I would be happy to serve as a steward, and am honored to have been nominated.

  • Joe Henry
  • Kathleen Piovesan
  • Anna Sloan
  • Alexis Yalon


Environmental Studies:

  • Paul Guernsey


German and Scandinavian:

  • Eva Hoffman


International Studies:

  • Emily Myers

I am grateful and excited to have been nominated for this stewardship position. My first day in Eugene, before a knew a soul, I stumbled upon the GTFF barbecue and was overwhelmed to be in the company of so many incredible, like-minded people. I have been passionate about and stood in solidarity with unions and labor movements for some years, but this is the first time I have had the opportunity to be a part of and a voice in my own union. I would love to be a steward because I want to learn more about the inner workings of the GTFF so that I can most effectively rally support from the International Studies department as well as other student groups which I am connected with around campus. Since my undergraduate studies in western NC, I have been involved in quite a few activist groups and projects, and have particular experience in using media to reach out and network. I would bring those skills to this stewardship position, and do the leg work necessary to inspire others to participate.


Political Science:

  • Shawna Meechan


School of Journalism and Communication:

  • Geneviève Buldoc
  • Kelsey Cummings
  • Leslie Howerton
  • Lidi Soto
  • Laura Strait



  • Camila Alvarez
  • Kadie Manion
  • Heather Marek
  • Evan Shenkin


Women’s and Gender Studies:

  • Elizabeth Miller

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