2014 GTFF Elections

The time of the year has come for GTFF Elections. These elections will be held by ballot box the week of May 5th to May 9th. Elections will be held for Executive Board Officers amd Departmental Stewards. As per tradition, results will be announced during the Great Cover Up on May 9th! Below are links to statements offered by candidates for the Executive Board and for departmental stewards.


Below is a list of all candidates for Officer and Steward positions.

Officer Candidates (list by Office)


  1. Joe Henry (Anthropology)
  2. Jon LaRochelle (Philosophy)

Vice President for Organizing:

  1. Jonathan Turbin (Anthropology)

Vice President for Grievances:

  1. Dave Grych (Physics)
  2. Shawna Meechan (Political Science)

Vice President for Political Education:

  1. John O’Connor (Anthropology)

Vice President for External Relations:

  1. Heather Marek (Sociology)

Vice President for Operations:

  1. Brianna Bertoglio (Education)
  2. Malori Musselman (Political Science)
  3. Evan Shenkin (Sociology)

Vice President for Membership Communications:

  1. Richard Wagner (Physics)


  1. Krista Abrahamson (Music and Dance)


Steward Candidates (listed by Department)


  1. Annie Caruso
  2. Andrea Eller
  3. Joe Henry
  4. Kathleen Piovesan
  5. Anna Sloan
  6. Alexis Yalon

Environmental Studies:

  1. Paul Guernsey

German and Scandinavian:

  1. Eva Hoffman

International Studies:

  1. Emily Myers

Political Science:

  1. Shawna Meechan

School of Journalism and Communication:

  1. Geneviève Buldoc
  2. Kelsey Cummings
  3. Leslie Howerton
  4. Lidi Soto
  5. Laura Strait


  1. Camila Alvarez
  2. Kadie Manion
  3. Heather Marek
  4. Evan Shenkin

Women’s and Gender Studies:

  1. Elizabeth Miller


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