API Caucus Statement

We stand in solidarity with our colleagues and all folx who identify with the Asian diaspora. We condemn the racialized violence and discrimination toward Asian, Asian Pacific Islander, and Asian American communities that continue to rise at an exponential rate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Discrimination towards these communities is not isolated to this current moment, remains critically underreported, and has been a pervasive issue since Asian immigrants first arrived in this country.

We further recognize that folx of color, including the Asian diaspora, face severe challenges regarding immigration and travel, marginalization within labor movements, as well as lack of support from colleagues; these issues are the result of institutionalized discrimination and implicit biases that we must challenge within our country and within our union.

We urge our GTFF colleagues to stay vigilant in terms of educating themselves on anti-Asian attacks, promoting awareness and support, as well as acting with concern and compassion toward our Asian colleagues and students. Please understand that COVID-19 has directly or indirectly impacted all communities of the Asian diaspora. We need your allyship far beyond this particular moment of crisis. We call upon you to engage in bystander intervention training- there are many online opportunities, including by Asian Americans Advancing Justice here.

For those who have felt the effects of COVID-related racism and xenophobia, we see you and stand with you. Despite the isolating effects of this pandemic, please know that you are not alone. We are here for you and we are committed to cultivating a just, equitable future for you.