Wildfire Updates


Evacuation information and resources for those regions affected by the wildfires can be found here.

U-Haul is offering 30 days of free storage to residents impacted by wildfires.

Live fire maps are available here, here, and here.

To see wind conditions in your location, go here.

To see road conditions in your area, go here.

Lane County Government’s official updates & maps can be found here, and you can sign up for text alerts here.

GTFF Updates

(09/10/2020) At today’s Labor Management Meeting, HR included the following points of info for folx affected by the ongoing Oregon wildfires. 

a. The Gym [SRC] will be opening for showers, a safe space to be, and is accessible by appointment only. You can call the following number to talk to someone there.

b. Dorms are open as temporary shelters until Saturday afternoon when the RAs move in. Unfortunately, only service animals are allowed in dorms, but some local humane societies/ shelters are offering temporary shelter for animals if they need to be separated.

c. ELR is connecting with community organizations like Red Cross to help as many affected employees as possible. They have a qualtrics survey you can fill out here and they encouraged us in the meeting to reach out to them. Even though they might not have the solution, they want to be able to direct employees to the appropriate venues.

(09/09/20) Labor’s Community Service Agency is assisting members with emergency hotel costs and Fred Meyer food cards to cover needs. If you are currently homeless or stranded due to the fires, please contact us to inquire about accessing these resources.