Welcome Back GTFF!

Welcome Back GTFF


Welcome to our new and returning GTFF members! As the 2015-2016 year begins, there are a few things that you might want to make sure you check off of your to-do list. You’ll find them listed below.

  • Sign up for healthcare benefits!– If you haven’t already, be sure to stop by the GTFF office to see our benefits coordinator Glenn Morris.Don’t forget to ask about our new Dental options while you’re there! The GTFF office is just above the Red Rooster Barbershop on 13th, across from Yogurt Xtreme and the Digital Duck. We’re open from 9-4 each day. If you’re a returning GTF you can fill out the healthcare form in advance here.
  • Choose your dental plan!– This year you will have your choice between a DHMO and a PPO dental care plan. A summary of the DHMO benefits plan can be found here. If you are interested in the PPO package you can find a summary of the benefits it includes here. You’ll also find a brief outline of each benefit plan directly below.
    • DHMO: This plan offers the most comprehensive coverage.  It also has no annual benefit maximum.  It has orthodontic benefits! The Essentials DHMO plan also now allows for white, resin-composite fillings (with $60 co-pay). HOWEVER, you lose the ability to go to any dentist–you have to select, and exclusively go to, one of about half a dozen “primary care clinics” in the Eugene/Springfield area on the Essentials network. The DHMO also has a $25 office fee copay.
    • PPO: This plan allows you to go to any dentist!  If your dentist of choice is *not* on the “Advantage Plus” network (see the network list here) you’ll have a one-time $50 deductible on non-preventive care procedures (e.g., filling). If your dentist *is* a preferred provider, the $50 deductible is waived. The PPO plan now also offers 60% coverage on some major dental services (e.g., crowns). HOWEVER, This plan has a $1000 annual maximum benefit.  For example, if your dental bills (including what your dentist charged insurance for cleanings/exams) exceed $1000 in a given year, you have no more coverage and would foot subsequent bills yourself.  Additionally, fewer major dental services covered (e.g., no orthodontics)
    • YOU HAVE UNTIL 10/31/2015 TO CHOOSE YOUR DENTAL CARE PLAN! (but if you go to a dentist under your current plan after 09/16/15, you’ll be locked back into your current plan)
  • Don’t forget about the Workload Allocation Forms!– The workload allocation form is a great way for you and your GTF supervisor to ensure that you are not going over your FTE, and that your time is being well spent.Remember, you’re an employee, even if you’re also their student. The workload allocation form is an excellent tool for helping you maintain a healthy balance between those two roles. You can find them here.
  • SEVIS Fee Reimbursements!– If you’re a new international GTF, and the University of Oregon is the first U.S. academic institution you’ve attended, then you are eligible for a SEVIS fee reimbursement. Get started here.