We Stand Together Against Anti-Union Forces

We Stand Together: Since the Supreme Court’s decision in Janus vs AFSCME last week that attempts to weaken our voice as union members by making “fair share” agency fees unconstitutional we have been standing together–stronger than ever.

The Anti-Union Forces Trying to Divide Us aren’t Done

In the northwest, one of the most public and active anti-union groups funded by the likes of the Koch and DeVos families is the Freedom Foundation.

Last week, a Bloomberg Report revealed that the Freedom Foundation has 80 canvassers they intend to send out across WA, OR and CA with a goal of trying to convince at least 127,000 union members to rescind their membership.

We can expect Freedom Foundation to use a multitude of tactics to try to weaken our union including

  • Mass emails with a link to opt out of our union
  • Phone calls to our homes or work
  • Showing up at our worksites to leaflet
  • Canvassers knocking on our doors
  • Barrages of slick mailers to our work or home addresses


The Freedom Foundation Isn’t Acting in Our Interests & Doesn’t Share Our Values

While the Freedom Foundations couches their message in language about looking out for our “rights” and our “freedom”, they have a long track record of working against the interests of working families and against our values.

The Freedom Foundation:


Tom McCabe, the CEO of the Freedom Foundation, has made it clear that their goal is not to look out for us and other working folks—it is to destroy our union.  Saying “[unions] won’t go away until we drive the proverbial stake through their hearts and finish them off for good.”

We Stand Together. Our Union. Our Voice. Our Choice.

We know that our union is the most effective way to have the collective strength to gain the conditions we deserve and to have a voice in the decisions that affect us.  Together we’ve been able to achieve (insert specific wins relevant to your local i.e. health benefits, job security, pay increases, etc).

If you receive any  messages, calls or visits from Freedom Foundation canvassers let us know right away and tell them that we are sticking together and their Koch and DeVos family funded ultra-conservative agenda that hurts all working families has no place in our communities.