UO finally brought counteroffers—to keep the status quo.

This post reproduces an email sent to GTFF members on May 5, 2023.

In today’s bargaining session, UO’s team finally presented counterproposals to GTFF! We began negotiations by allowing UO the time to showcase their changes to Appendix A, Article 3, 9, 12, 16, and 25. Overall, their offers for these articles are aimed at maintaining the status quo; in several cases, the admin struck language that could protect GEs, suggesting that things like ensuring that GEs know of their legal right to union representation in disciplinary meetings don’t belong in the contract. We don’t agree, and we’ll be back soon with counters of our own. In the words of our co-lead negotiator, Cy, “keeping things uncodified and at the luck of the draw is not our position.”

If you weren’t able to attend, here’s the highlight reel:

  • GTFF values workload allocation forms as a way for GEs and faculty to understand work agreements and prevent overwork. UO admin struck language that could protect GEs from overwork when course enrollment has increased. Yikes!
  • UO admin is not willing to provide adequate course preparation for teaching GEs, maintaining only two weeks notice prior to the start of classes. 
  • International GEs are auto-enrolled in UO’s health insurance every fall and this often results in confusion and delays in enrollment for our GTFF insurance, and big bills for new GEs. GTFF shared our proposal to streamline the health insurance process for GEs and make sure all international GE’s receive our stellar healthcare at a reasonable price. 
  • GTFF wants GEs to receive prior notice for evaluations, but UO admin is not keen on standardizing evaluation notices across the university. 
  • UO admin struck GTFF’s language concerning respectful workplaces. They expressed that they’re more concerned with the intentions of offenders over their impacts—a change that protects the bully not the bullied.

What happens next?

The next bargaining session takes place at McKenzie 221 on May 19, from 12–3pm. Remember that you’re welcome to attend for 3 minutes or the entire 3 hours! Our top priority will be presenting a new article that increases support for parents and other caregivers.

We’ll also be sharing more stories from members throughout the bargaining process. Please fill out this form if you’d like to share your testimony about how the provisions of our contract impact you.