Supporting a Free and Fair Certification Process for UO Student Workers

GTFF (AFT Local 3544) urges the University of Oregon Employee and Labor Relations to provide an accurate, up-to-date, and complete list of student employees to the UO Student Workers Union. On Thursday, UO administration gave a list of 700 student employees when there are closer to 3,000 student workers on campus. This is an unacceptable move which comes shortly after the UO Student Workers Union filed for union certification and is preparing to bargain a first contract to secure benefits and protections for student workers across campus.

As a longstanding union, GTFF recognizes how important it is for any union to have accurate employee information to organize effectively and to advocate for all workers in the bargaining unit. GTFF calls on UO administration to engage with the UO Student Workers Union in good faith and to follow its obligations under the Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act (PECBA), ORS 243.804, and provide “reasonable access to employees within the bargaining unit,” including names, hire dates, and contact information of employees.

Please join us in signing this statement of solidarity with UOSW.