Spring GMM is April 8: Union Officer and Steward Nominations!

Did you know what you are doing April 8, 5-8 PM?  If you are a GTFF union member I’ll tell you: you are going to be at the Campbell Senior Center for the spring GMM.  Why?  Because like a wild Kiger mustangs of SE Oregon, you were meant to be free!  Freedom begins with exercising your right as union member to participate in the democratic process we call an organized labor union. Click here for full size flier!

At the meeting you can stomp your foot to show whom you would like to nominate to be the next generation  GTFF leaders.  That is right, officer (i.e., the board) and department steward nominations will be taken at the meeting.  Can’t make the meeting but would like to nominate someone for a position?  Email Heather *BEFORE* the GMM with your nomination(s).