Solidarity with UC Strikers!

The Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (GTFF) at the University of Oregon stands in solidarity with striking academic workers from the University of California system, members of UAW 2865, UAW 5810, and SRU-UAW. As we begin our own bargaining process in pursuit of a living wage, a dignified standard of living, and workplace protections that address persistent inequities in academia, the UC-UAW’s fight is an inspiration and a call to action for all of us.

UC-UAW has been fighting for a variety of necessities, including pay increases, parental leave, support for academic workers with disabilities, childcare and housing subsidies, reimbursement of additional costs levied against international and immigrant student workers, better access to transportation, etc. UC-UAW has focused especially on ending non-resident tuition discrimination that disproportionately affects international scholars. In their demands and their bold action, UC academic workers have taken a big step that the rest of us in the field will need to follow. 

We celebrate this strike as a clear sign of what can be accomplished by workers joining and fighting together! Academic workers in the UC system are signaling to the world that strong, coordinated action makes changes, and that workers will stand up to fight against the abuses of their employers. In addition to their bargaining demands, UC-UAW is striking over unfair labor practices. They charge that UC administrators have not met and bargained with employees in good faith and have not provided necessary information for bargaining proposals. 

These problems are unfortunately not unique to the UC system. At the University of Oregon, we find ourselves facing similar issues, as costs of living rise astronomically and protections in our workplaces fail to meet our needs. We stand in solidarity with our fellow workers and call for the UC system to meet the demands of UC-UAW members immediately, so that workers can return to their positions safely and confidently. Our $500 contribution to their strike fund aims to help build solidarity from across the country in our shared struggle for more equitable and livable academic workplaces. We will continue to support UC academic workers throughout their strike.

Find out more about UAW-2865’s demands for academic student employees and UAW 5810’s demands on behalf of postdocs and academic researchers at schools in the UC system. Interested in helping these academic workers’ cause? Consider donating to their strike support and hardship fund and follow their social media for updates on the strike:

Twitter: @uaw2865, @UAW5810, @sruuaw

Instagram: @uaw2865, @uaw5810, @sruuaw