RETURNING GE’S who have been on the plan & need to RENEW their insurance for AY 2020/2021 & WAIVE out of the UO’s international insurance (if needed).

AY 20/21 payroll deduction form & international student insurance waiver (if required) for RETURNING GE’s is right HERE

If you want to ADD someone to your existing plan, you can go to our fancy pants online enrollment form, here:

RETURNING INTERNATIONAL GE’s, who has already enrolled in the insurance, will WAIVE out of the UO’s International Student Insurance like normal when you do your payroll deduction form above.

[DO NOT USE this form if you are a NEW GE!!! New GE’s will first enroll in the insurance. New GE’s go HERE. ]

New AY 20/21 rates are HERE

This is also the time for returning folks to:

ADD someone to the plan who was not on the plan previously

Change your DENTAL plan