PANEL Disccusion: “What Happened in 2010? Politics, Corporations, and the State of Our Democracy.”

The GTFF is proud to endorse this timely panel.  November 10, 2010, 6PM, Knight Law School Room 175.

Speakers Include:

Professor Gerald Berk: UO Professor of Political Science: (American politics, business regulation, political economy, and constitutional studies.)  Will address corporate personhood and Citizens United.
Samantha Chirillo: Organizer of Lane County Fair Trade Campaign and Co‐Director of Cascadia’s Ecosystem Advocates. Will address corporate control over our economy, food, forests, and drinking water.
Professor Michael Drieling: UO Professor of Sociology (corporate political action and US trade policy, social movements, and network analysis of collective action). Will address corporate power and the Tea Party movement and its financiers.
Lloyd Marbet: Longtime Oregon political activist, third party candidate, and advocate of campaign finance reform. Will address the state of democracy, campaign finance, and reform.
Dan Meeks: Oregon lawyer, founder of the Independent Party of Oregon and advocate of campaign finance reform. Will address campaign finance and third party movements.