Insurance Open Enrollment Begins August 16

“Open Enrollment” for enrolling your spouse or child–who is not currently on the plan–begins August 16.

What does this mean? If you have a spouse or child, not currently on your insurance, and you would like to have on your GTFF health insurance starting fall term, you can add them between August 16 and September 15 without any sort of “qualifying event.”

Normally (i.e., outside of Open Enrollment periods) if you want to add a spouse or child, there has to be a “qualifying event” to add them to the plan. Such events are: a spouse or child losses other insurance coverage, you gain a new spouse by recent marriage, or a new child by birth or adoption. Domestic partners are another category and may be added outside of open enrollment with an affidavit of domestic partnership.

This presupposes you have a fall GTF appointment and continue to be eligible for the plan in fall term. If you *don’t* have a fall GTF, and you want to continue the coverage, you will have to sign up for COBRA (same open enrollment rules apply if you want to add spouse or child).

Let me know if you want to add a spouse or child for fall and I’ll get you an enrollment form.

Rates for the 2013-2014 are being finalized, and I will post those ASAP.