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Options and questions for summer coverage

More questions? Ask Glenn,


I do not want the coverage

OK, that’s fine.  If you did not sign up for summer coverage (i.e., pay me) there is nothing you need to do.  Your coverage ends June 15th.

Keep in mind we live in the time of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the federal government now requires you to carry some kind of insurance or possibly face a fine on your 2014 tax return.  For more information on that, you would be best served visiting  The GTFF office manages an employer-based plan, so I am not up-to-date on ACA requirements.  Employer coverage is a whole different ballgame.



I want the summer coverage, what are the eligibility requirements?

To have the coverage over summer you have to be “continuing in your graduate program” beyond spring term.

As long as you are NOT graduating in spring term (or resigning from grad school, or getting kicked out of grad school) you may have the coverage over summer.  This is our Collective Bargaining Agreement.



What does it cost?

What you pay depends on if you have a summer GTF appointment.

If you HAVE a summer GTF, you pay the same 5% share as you did during the regular year:

      • Employee Only  $58.77 per summer
      • Employee + Spouse/Partner  $123.42 per summer
      • Employee + Child(ren)  $104.41 per summer
      • Employee + Family (spouse/partner AND children)  $168.69 per summer

If you do NOT have a summer GTF, you pay the a 20% share of the premiums cost:

      • Employee Only  $235.13 per summer
      • Employee + Spouse/Partner  $493.73 per summer
      • Employee + Child(ren)  $416.18 per summer
      • Employee + Family (spouse/partner AND children)  $674.81 per summer



How do I pay for my summer coverage?

One of two ways:

If your Adobe Acrobat is set up, you should be able to sign digitally and submit online.  Otherwise you can print, fill out, sign, re-scan as PDF, and email back to Glenn:

Please keep in mind time is running out for automatic deduction.  UO payroll can only split the summer premium amount over the remaining spring paychecks.

      • Pay by check or credit card.  Bring/mail a check or give me a call and have a credit card handy.


What if I AM graduating this spring term, and I want to keep the coverage?

You are NOT eligible to remain on our “active plan” (i.e., get to pay the highly subsidized lower premium amount).

You MAY continue the GTFF Pacific Source insurance by electing “COBRA.”  COBRA is the federal law allowing you to stay on an employer-based health insurance plan for 18 months past the point your employment officially ended. It is the exact same coverage, same card, etc.  The main difference is the cost.  You are now paying the full premium price.

The GTFF office does not administer COBRA, you will have contact, and arrange your payments, with a third party admin.

COBRA information will be mailed to you at the end of spring term.  Make sure I have your most current address!

You have a 60 window to decide if you want the COBRA coverage. If you enroll in COBRA anytime in that window, your coverage is retroactive to 06/16/14.  No gaps in coverage.


      • Employee Only  $399.72 per MONTH
      • Employee + Spouse/Partner  $839.35 per MONTH
      • Employee + Child(ren)  $707.51 per MONTH
      • Employee + Family (spouse/partner AND children)  $1,147.17 per MONTH



I have a fall GTF, so will have that “summer sandwich,” how much do I pay?

The much beloved “Summer Sandwich” only applies to summer tuition and fee remission for taking summer grad level coursework.  It does not apply to insurance!

To get the lower, 5% premium share, you must have a summer GTF.  Period.



What if I don’t Know if I have a summer GTF appointment yet?

This is very common.  I would say give your best guess at what it the most likely outcome, and pay me for that.

If you want the coverage it is important to pay me something so I won’t cancel your coverage June 15.   If your summer GTF employment  situation changes, we’ll make the necessary correction.

Keep in mind, I eventually get a list of all summer GTFs but it takes awhile.  If you paid the lower, I HAVE a summer GTF rate, but end up NOT having one, you will owe me and I will have to track you down.  If I don’t get the extra premium, I’ll cancel your coverage.  If you paid the higher I do NOT have a summer GTF rate, but end up getting one, you will be owed a refund.   Again, I’ll find this out and make sure it happens, but it takes awhile and is not automated.

In short, it comes out in the wash, but your efforts go a long ways to helping the process go smooth.


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