GTFF Health & Welfare Trust Wins 1.475% Raises for Minimum GE Salaries!

Back in 2019, GTFF fought to add an important benefit to Article 24 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement. This benefit states that any time the GTFF Health & Welfare Trust negotiates an insurance plan renewal below the threshold of a 5% cost increase, half of those savings are returned to the minimum GE salary as rate increases.

In 2023, our Trust negotiated an excellent renewal deal with savings that have translated into a permanent 1.475% raise to the minimum GE salary.

GEs at the minimum salary rate will see backpay for this increase (retroactive to September 16, 2023) added to their December paychecks, and a rate increase on all future paychecks. The exact dollar amount depends on individual FTE and GE level. GEs who already make salaries above the minimum rate will see no changes.

As the only graduate union in the country to own and administer our own health insurance, we are proud of our Trust’s hard work this year and grateful for our GTFF predecessors who won these benefits!

We have also continued building on the Trust’s legacy during this year’s contract negotiations. Our new Article 24 will include a higher contribution from UO for the summer insurance split (previously 80/20; now 85/15) and for the administration costs of our Trust. Please note that the 1.475% raises secured by the Trust this year are completely separate from contract negotiations and will not impact bargaining.