GTFF elections are open!

Nominations for GTFF leadership are now open! They will close April 28 at 11:59 pm. Use this form or email with nominations.  See the list below for descriptions of each role.

All nominations will be made public to members with this sheet (mobile link here).

Nominee statements will be due May 2. Nominees who accept nominations will get a form to fill out from Courtney. 

Secret ballots will be sent via email on May 8. Elections will close on May 15th at 11:59 pm. Every position will have write-in and abstention options, and contested elections will use rank choice voting. Results will be announced May 18.

Not sure about running? Ask an eboard member or Michael Marchman for more info!

Executive Board


Preside over e-board and GMM meetings, work with and support executive board members, and keep things on track; maintain an awareness of what is going on in our union and keep an eye on the big picture; attend monthly meetings with UO Administration and other external organization; chair the Health & Welfare Trust. 

VP Organizing

Responsible for steward recruitment and training, including the E-Council retreat and organizing workshops as needed. Serves as chair for the Executive Council, Organizing Committee, and Contract Action Team. Maintains contact with stewards and lead stewards to track issues and implement organizing strategies. Regularly communicates with the Executive Council and plans necessary membership drives or other events. Next in line if the President is assassinated.

VP Grievances

Point-person for ensuring that our contract is being upheld by our employer. Is knowledgeable about the contents of the contract and common violations, and advises stewards and general membership on our formal grievance procedure. Is a touchpoint for members to raise concerns that may be violations, and keeps the big picture of how the contract is or isn’t working in mind. Attends monthly meetings with UO Administration, as well as grievance hearings.

VP Political Education

A self-guided position that requires someone who has a very clear sense of what they’d like to do and what political education means to them. This position is only as effective as the person doing the job determines it to be–you have the freedom and responsibility to determine your impact.

VP External Relations

Maintaining the GTFF’s relationship with other labor unions and community organizations on campus and across Oregon. Represents the GTFF as a voting member for the Lane County Labor Chapter and the Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network. Typically works with VPs of Political Ed and Organizing to plan events on and off of campus. 

VP Operations

A lot of logistics and miscellaneous tasks. A car is really important for this job. Vice Chair of the Trust and bargains with GTFFSU. Event planning, making phone calls, ordering things, etc.

VP Member Communications

Sends newsletters, manages social media, maintains the website, and more. This year, works closely with both the Bargaining Team and CAT to mobilize members and provide them with timely and accurate information. If you want to do hands-on, tangible, and creative work for your union, this position is for you!

VP Membership

Manage membership lists, and generate outreach lists using customized AirTable database software. Supports other VPs (particularly VP Organizing, and VP Member Comms) in their efforts to activate membership. Build and maintain digital organizing tools. Connect members to required services: e.g., health insurance registration, membership registration, caucus leaders, etc. This is a position that requires high levels of organization and attention to detail, particularly with respect to quantitative and qualitative data about our members. Some familiarity with spreadsheet and digital business administration tools will be extremely useful to a successful VP.

VP Equity & Inclusion

Supports the union caucuses; present for many different meetings across leadership to help facilitate equitable distribution of labor, and meeting processes; works with the GEs in the Division of Graduate Studies to further support equity and inclusion efforts through university resources; chair Equity Committee; Encourage & recruit members from underrepresented & historically excluded groups to participate in our union


Keeps financial records for union and Trust; drafts budget with assistance of Budget Committee and approval of e-council; pays union and Trust bills; works with bookkeeper and external accountant to maintain accuracy and transparency of financial records; administers Mutual Aid Hardship Fund; makes monthly e-council budget updates.

Lead Stewards

The duties of a lead steward include supporting the duties of stewards as well as reporting monthly on the status of their assigned area to VP for Organizing; holding at least one meeting per term with all stewards in their area to review the organizing goals, issues, and needs of stewards; working to develop and maintain inclusive organizing practices and specific organizing challenges faced by their given area in tandem with concerns raised within the Equity and Inclusion Committee; to assist departments without stewards in hosting department meetings, and act as interim steward in disseminating information to these departments.

Caucus Chairs

Represent marginalized and minority groups, special interest groups, and their needs; Build community; Hold caucus meetings; Participate in Equity Committee. (Note: No official GTFF election process for caucus chairs. Each caucus has its own methods of chair election/appointment. If interested, contact the caucus chair, or if no chair, Equity VPs.)

Other Positions


Keeps order in meetings (time and stack). Make sure we adhere to our bylaws as best we can. Not a voting position on e-board, but votes in e-council. 

Safety Advisory Council Member

Attend monthly meetings with representatives from the other campus unions and the university about health and safety in the workplace. Report to VP Grievances/Grievance Committee on the meetings.

Grad Assistance Fund Board Member

Attend fund advisory committee meetings convened by the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies at least once per term to review the assistance fund and its operations

Health & Welfare Trust Member-at-Large

Attend at least once per term meetings with GTFF and UO representatives responsible for administering GTFF insurance. There are two members-at-large on the Trust, and these are voting members.