Education is NOT a Commodity

Hey y’all,

Don’t forget to promote the “Education is NOT a Commodity” Rally sponsored by the League of Educators and Students Slashing Tuition (LESST) that is taking place THIS WEDNESDAY 11:30a-1:30p. Peter DeFazio, Phil Barnhart, and plenty of press will be there. We need political bodies there too! All you have to do to get students riled up about tuition is remind them that tuition has gone up 6% nearly every year, meaning the average senior going out is paying 25% more than they expected coming in. Or remind them that they pay a ton of money for tuition, and you, the person grading the papers, etc., earn at or under the poverty line ($11,170). Where does the money go? Don’t forget to wear your GTFF shirts and tell your students to wear RED!!!*

In solidarity,

Dana Rognlie

Ph.D. Student in Philosophy
University of Oregon

VP Membership Communications

*UPDATE: The GTFF trusts the discretion of members on how to appropriately approach undergrads about this exciting movement.
education is not a commodity

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