GTFF Coronavirus Updates

For the quickest updates on GTFF’s talks with UO admin, check out the @GTFFprez TikTok, where Miche will share thoughts right after meetings.

For online and private conversations about COVID organizing and other union efforts, we highly recommend members join the GTFF members-only Slack and the #covid-updates channel within it. Slack has the most frequent and detailed conversations between members, but another members-only communication option is the GTFF private Facebook Group (be sure to answer all new member questions so we can confirm your member status).

For more general, public updates, including GE and student stories about the reopening, check out GTFF’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

COVID Strategizing

GTFF COVID Strategizing: Fridays at 10:30am. image also shows the gtff logo, raised fists and handwashing cartoons, and several masked cartoon people.

Join us on Zoom on Fridays at 10:30am to discuss next steps for organizing together for a safer Fall 2021 term:

Currently, UO’s administration plans for an in-person quarter at full, pre-COVID capacity (including lecture halls with hundreds of students), very limited safety protocols. In GTFF’s COVID strategizing meetings so far, members identified 3 priorities, each involving more specific demands: more remote options for all who need it, a much safer work environment for those who need to go in person, and more robust contact tracing to curtail community spread.

Come to the COVID Strategizing Meetings to share your perspectives and get involved! We’re stronger — and safer -— together.

Refusing to Work in an Unsafe Environment

We have a Health and Safety clause in our Collective Bargaining Agreement, including guidelines for refusing to work in unsafe spaces. GEs who feel their work environment is unsafe have the right to follow these steps to ensure their safety.

Read the Health and Safety clause here. We’re stronger together, so bring your coworkers, department stewards, and/or lead stewards into any conversation with your supervisor or university management.

We also encourage you to look at the Health and Safety clause (and our Collective Bargaining Agreement in general) collaboratively with your fellow department members. That way you can ensure you’re all familiar with your rights as unionized workers and have conversations about what steps you can all take together to make your work safer.

For an interpretation specifically focused on how Collective Bargaining Agreements’ Health and Safety protections apply to COVID-19 concerns, please read this post by the Communications Workers of America.

See the archives for COVID-19 updates from the 2020-2021 academic year.