After several months of bargaining, the GTFF and the UO finally reached an agreement on September 6th. Our top three priorities during the 2012 bargaining cycle were: 1. Raise the minimum wage 2. Eliminate fees for GTFs 3. Receipt of paychecks on time While we did not achieve every contract improvement we set out to… Continue reading BARGAINING–RESULTS


In bargaining yesterday, the UO made only miniscule changes to their previous offers and spent a considerable amount of time explaining to your bargaining team that their offers were already extremely generous. Very generous. Amazingly generous. To illustrate their generosity, they offered us the hypothetical example of a full-time Biology GTF who keeps her health… Continue reading Generous

The UO Has Plenty of Money

That’s the big take away from a presentation put on by Professor Howard Bunsis, the Treasurer of the American Association of University Professors. Using the UO’s own data, Professor Bunsis laid out where the university’s money comes from (tuition and grants), what they do with it (spend it on administration), and how much they have… Continue reading The UO Has Plenty of Money

GTFF Members Ratify 2010-2012 Contract!

The 2010-2012 Collective Bargaining Agreement was overwhelmingly ratified today.  480 members voted in total — this represents one of the largest voter turnouts in years.  474 members voted “Yes,” 6 members voted “No.”

2010-2012 GTFF Contract Ratification Vote Now Open!

[iframe 150 70] Electronic ballots (from were emailed to your address.  If you did not get this email you will have to stop by the office and fill out an old fashioned paper secret ballot. The election closes November 9, at noon. On Saturday, August 14, the GTFF bargaining team concluded a… Continue reading 2010-2012 GTFF Contract Ratification Vote Now Open!