Bargaining – Week of May 5th 2014

There were 2 bargaining sessions during the week of May 5th: one on Wednesday May 7th where the GTFF made financial proposals and another of Friday May 9th where the University of Oregon countered with their own proposals. Reports from these sessions follow, along with a short outline of each report.


There are two more bargaining sessions on May 14th and May 15th, both from 2:45-4:30 in room 202 of the Ford Alunmi Center. These are the last two bargaining sessions scheduled between the GTFF and the University of Oregon. As such, the following evening the GTFF is holding an Emergency General Membership meeting at 5pm at the Northwest Youth Corps (2621 August St). Here the membership will discuss how they’d like the bargaining team to proceed as GTFs have been working nearly a full term without a contract and the summer is looming. This meeting is open only to full members of the GTFF, so come to the office to sign blue cards if you are a GTF, want to attend, but aren’t a full member. We want to hear all GTF voices and opinions.

Bargaining Summary – May 7, 2014

  • Administration Proposals – Offer to make Fraction Calculation Sheets an option for GTFs to request from their departments. TA’d article 10 on work spaces.
  • GTFF Proposals – Acceptance of 1-sided Summer Sandwich. Push for no layoffs. 5.5% raise both years. Change to $31 flat student fees for graduate students. Push for paid leave. Reject insurance premium cap, but include language to bargain over adding new benefits to plan.


Bargaining Summary – May 9, 2014

  • Progress made on Fraction Calculation Sheets and layoffs.
  • Administration Economic Proposals – GTFs pay 10% of student fees. No paid leave. 3% raises both years.
  • Administration Health Care Proposals – Two options: 1) 7% cap on premium rate increases paid for by University or 2) BUST THE TRUST by requiring ALL (new and existing) GTF health insurance benefits be bargained at the table.
  • Short break down on how Administration wages and healthcare proposals affect the monthly income of graduate students (hint: It results in GTFs having nearly $20 less in their pockets every month by the end of the term of the contract).
  • A final note on Administration comments when questioned on the priorities of the University.