2016 Elections

The 2016 GTFF Elections are May 2nd-6th in the GTFF Office. Those wishing to vote by absentee ballot can email Kadie and Eleanor at stafforganizer@gtff.net for a ballot.

You can also stop in and vote at one of the traveling ballot box locations. Traveling ballot box times and locations are as follows:

Monday 12-1 – PLC
Tuesday 12-1 – Willamette
Wednesday 12-1 – Frohnmyer Music
Thursday 12-1 – Straub
Friday 12-1 –  ASUO Street Fair Booth

Election results will be announced Friday, May 6th at the Great Cover-Up and through email the following day.

Statements from Officer candidates can be found here upon availability. All full members can vote for officers and all other elected positions.

You can also read about the election in this month’s edition of The Agitator

Statements from Steward candidates can be found here as they become available. Only members within a department can vote for stewards from their department. Departments can have 1 steward for each portion of 10 members. For example, if a department has 11 members they may have two stewards (minimum 1 steward / department). Departments without full representation in the executive council, can add stewards to the executive council by a vote of the current members of the executive council. Stewards must be re-elected yearly.

All elections have space for write-in candidates.

Proposed Bylaw Amendments


Officer Candidates (statements)

President Kadie Manion
VP for Organizing Devin Lea
VP for Grievances Micah Black
Brian Rosenberg
VP for Political Education Lola Loustaunau
VP for External Relations Diego Contras Medrano
VP for Operations Jessica Neafie
Treasurer Denielle Perry
VP for Equity and Inclusion Nicole Francisco
Genevieve Perdue
VP for Membership Win McLaughlin
VP for Member Communications Jeff Ewing

Graduate Assistance Fund Committee Candidates

  • Benedikt Springer
  • Eva Hoffman
  • Eleanor Wakefield
  • Malori Mussleman
  • Sierra Deutsch
  • Mike Magee
  • Josh Fitzgerald


AFT National Representatives

  • Jon LaRochelle
  • Brianna Bertoglio
  • Andy Labuza
  • Jeff Ewing


Steward Candidates

Anthropology Nikki Cox
Chemistry Mae Voeun
Computer & Information Science Nick Chaimov
Comparative Literature
Counseling Psychology Hillel Samlan
Creative Writing Charile Schneider
Joanna Chen
East Asian Languages and Literature
Economics Thomas Bryan
Linguistics Nate Severance
Manuel Otero
Environmental Studies Andrea Willingham
Geological Sciences Jonathan Perry-Houts
Madison Ball
German and Scandinavian
International Studies
Law Heather Marek
Mathematics Bradley Thomas
Critical and Socio-Cultural Studies of Education
Physics Kyle Lynch-Klarup
Blake A Parris
Political Science Benedikt Springer
Jessica Neafie
Malori Mussleman
Micah Black
Mike Magee
Thibaud Henin
Religious Studies Annie Caruso
Romance Languages Eva Serfozo
Macarena Tejada-Lopez
Natalie Brenner
Sociology Dan Fielding
Andy Labuza
Amanda J Malachowski
Women and Gender Studies