AFT: “Action on Resolutions for Monday, July 16”

Action on resolutions for Monday, July 16.

Resolution 9—Protect Staff and Students from the Health Risks of Agricultural Pesticides, adopted.

Resolution 10—Opioids: A Global Epidemic, adopted as amended by committee.

Resolution 11—In Support of the Affordable Care Act and Expanding Healthcare for All, adopted as amended by committee.

Resolution 14—Condemning the Actions of Student Loan Servicer Navient, adopted.

Resolution 15—AFT Members Support PSC’s Campaign and All Locals’ Campaigns for Fairness and Equity for Adjuncts, adopted as amended by committee.

Resolution 19—In Support of Sanctuary Schools and Campuses, adopted.

Resolution 32—Public Education and Free Labor Unions: Cornerstones of Democracy Worldwide, adopted as amended by committee.

Resolution 35—Steps to Peace in Korea, adopted as amended by committee.

Resolution 36—Future of Teaching and Technology, adopted.

Resolution 61—Condemning the Trump-Ryan-McConnell Tax Cuts for the Rich, adopted.

Resolution 62—To Prevent the Criminalization of People with Mental Illness and Advocate for Appropriate, Comprehensive and Community-Based Public Mental Health Services, adopted.

Resolution 64—Provide Aid to Victims of Hurricanes, Wildfires and Mudslides, adopted.

Resolution 67—Achieving National Retirement Security for All Workers, adopted as amended by committee.

Resolution 68—Controlling the Hedge Fund Threat to Public Pension Funds, adopted.

Resolution 70—Lift the Cap on Social Security, adopted as amended by committee.

Resolution 78—Our Mandate—Protecting the Safety of Students and Defending Educators, adopted.

Resolution 79—In Support of Regulating the Temperature in School Buildings, adopted as amended by committee.

Resolution 81—Post-Traumatic Event: Care for Our Members, adopted as amended from the floor.

Resolution 86—In Support of Women’s Health and Women’s Inclusion in Healthcare Decisions, adopted.

Resolution 88—Sexual Harassment: Enough Is Enough! adopted as amended by committee.

Resolution 91—Support for Paid Parental Leave, adopted as amended by committee.


All other resolutions that did not make it to the convention floor were referred to the AFT executive council.