Member Communications: Teresa Caprioglio

Get to know your VP for Member Communications!

What is your name?

Teresa Caprioglio

What pronouns do you use?


Where are you from?

Pueblo, Colorado

What degree are you working toward? 

PhD in Media Studies

What projects (research, creative) have you worked on? If your degree has a thesis component, what is/will it be about?

I’m currently working on representations of queer people on contemporary dramatic television. My Master’s thesis analyzed TV representations of women in positions of diplomatic political power. (I watch a lot of Netflix—for research, obviously!)

What would you like for your post-graduation career to be/focus on?

I hope to teach at the college level, preferably gender, feminist, and/or intersectionality studies or related classes in communication or literature—but we’ll see where life takes me!

What job(s) do you have now or have had in the past?

I worked tech support/faculty development logistics at Pikes Peak Community College for a while, and taught French and Women’s Studies while pursuing my master’s degree.

What GE positions have you held while at UofO?

I’ve been a TA and a writing lab instructor in the School of Journalism and Communication.

What is your educational background (e.g., degree, subject, school)?

BA in English (minors in mathematics and modern languages), Stanford University
MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, University of New Mexico

How many years have you been at UofO?

1 (since 2018)

How many years have you been a GE?

1 (since 2018)

How many years have you been a member of GTFF?

1 (since 2018)

What roles have you held within GTFF?

Committee Member 


Full Member

What is your favorite aspect of GTFF?

I’m consistently blown away by the solidarity between GEs and all the connections the GTFF helps us make across departments and disciplines. The community that I’ve found in the GTFF has made me feel at home and useful in Eugene and at the UO, and it’s fantastic.

What are your goals for GTFF for the coming year?

To get everyone to read emails! Honestly, though, I’m hoping to make communication between GEs smooth, easy, and straightforward, to help us in our goal to get the best contract possible! I’d also like to develop our social media presence, to help us in our fight for a fair contract and to demonstrate our solidarity with other workers and grad students. A key way I think we can do this is to share our members’ stories, because GEs are pretty amazing people! I’m looking forward to getting to know more of your stories.