GTFF Election Results!


The GTFF election results are in…. Congratulations to our new GTFF officers & stewards!

-2013-2014 OFFICERS-

David Craig, Philosophy, President

Kyle Lynch-Klarup, Physics, Treasurer

Matt Hannah, English, VP Organizing

Herbert Grotewohl, Physics, VP Grievances

Eva Hoffman, German, VP Operations

Joe Henry, Anthro, VP External Relations

Ian Pilgrim, Physics, Communications

Anna Sloan, Anthro, VP Political Ed


Jonathan Turbin
Anna Sloan
Kathleen Piovesan

Steve McAllister
Thom Nelson
Ashley Bateman

Creative Writing:
Maria Thomas

Adam Bates

Colin Corbett
John Voorheis

Allison Bray
Parker Krieg
Dan Platt
Rosalie Roberts
Danielle Seid
Jeni Rinner
April Ansan
Paul Bellew
Martina Miles

Shane Hall
Lokya Au

Sarah Praskievicz
Anna Moore
One more position to be determined by run-off election

Jonathan Perry-Houts
Joseph Byrnes
Brandon Vanderbeek
Scott Mcguffin

Katie Adler
Jacob Barto

Int’l Studies:
Heather Wolford
Amy Price

Matt Stave

Phil Mayo
Amy Marvin
Jon LaRochelle

Blake Parris
Wes Miller
Tristan Hormel
Eryn Cook
Tyler Harvey
Ian Snyder
Richard Wagner

Political Science:
Nicole True
Thibaud Henin
David Root
Yong woo Jeung

Romance Languages:
Natalie Brenner

Evan Shenkin
Heather Marek
Brain Rosenberg
Sierra Deutsch

Teri Del Rosso
Iris Bull

If your department was not listed above, it means that no votes were cast in a steward election and so your department currently has no stewards representing them in the GTFF. Stewards must be re-elected every year, so the past year’s stewards are no longer in office. The President or the Vice President of Organizing can appoint a steward, with the approval of the Executive Council, to serve until the next steward election can be held. For more information about this please email

If you are listed above and were elected for a position you cannot serve in, please notify as soon as possible.