2021-2022 Mission Statement

Our tentative goals, to be concretized and discussed at our first committee meeting, are: 1) to collaborate on elucidating and developing our political positions oriented around growing and supporting graduate labor and the labor movement at large and 2) to develop organizing practices and tactics that are informed by our politics.

We shall move towards these goals primarily by working over the course of the year to develop and present a process of drafting and proposing resolutions to our union. Our goals are absolutely open to discussion, and each member of the committee ought to vote and have a say in what we focus on.

The plan is tentatively the following:

  • Fall 2021 – Form the year’s committee, discuss our baseline political stances, and discuss resolution processes at other unions.
  • Winter 2022 – Draft a resolutions process and plan how it might integrate into our existing union practices and structures.
  • Spring 2022 – Present our resolutions process to our union and discuss ways to apply it beginning academic year 2022-2023.