2015 GTFF Election Results

Election results for new officers, stewards, bylaw language, and graduate assistance fund committee members are in. Results are below, and quorum was reached for all elections.


Bylaw Amendments

  • New VP of Membership – bylaw amendment adopted
  • New VP of Equity and Inclusion – bylaw amendment adopted
  • Remove requirement to use Robert’s Rules at GTFF meetings – bylaw amendment not adopted

Elections for the new VPs will be held soon (hopefully before the current academic year ends). Members can contact Amber (amber@gtff.net) to nominate themselves or others for these positions.



President: Shawna Meechan (Political Science)
Treasurer: Denielle Perry (Geography)
VP External Relations: Natalie Brenner (Romance Languages)
VP Grievances: Eleanor Wakefield (English)
VP Membership Communications: Patrick Griener (Sociology)
VP Operations: Jessica Neafie (Political Science)
VP Organizing: Annie Caruso (Anthropology)
VP Political Education: Kadie Manion (Sociology)

Graduate Assistance Fund Committee

Shawna Meechan and Benedikt Springer will serve on the Graduate Assistance Fund Committee to represent graduate employees.

Department Stewards

Note – some departments had ties for stewards. Those who tied for steward spots are marked with *. These members will be contacted soon about resolving the tie (including by another election if no agreement is reach in how to resolve it).

Anthropology Matt Napolitano
Hannah Wellman
Rucha Chandvankar
Jonathan Turbin
Biology Dan Thomas
Marie Hunt
Steve McAllister
Lucas Nebert*
Roo Vandergrift*
Counseling Psychology Hillel Samlan
Comparative Literature Joanna Myers
Anna Baumeister
Maya Larson
Computer Science Peter McKay
Philip Johnson-Freud
Nick Chaimov
Critical & Socio-economic studies in Education Brianna Bertoglio
Creative Writing Morgan Thomas
Rose Lambert-Slo
East Asian Languages and Literature Stephen Murnion
Economics Colin Corbett
English Paula Wright
April Anson
Elizabeth Curry
Alison Bray
Krieg Parker*
Danielle Seid*
Margaret Bostrom*
Shane Hall*
Environmental Studies Paul Guernsey
Nick Draher
Deion Jones
Geography Zach Thill
Christene Grummon
Dylan Brady
Geological Sciences Madison Meyers
Win McLaughlin
Giselle Conde
Jonathan Perry-Houts
German and Scandinavian Eva Hoffman
Jacob Barto
History Christopher Smith
Josh Fitzgerald
International Studies Katie Stoysich
Emily Myers
Linguistics Matt Stave
Paul Olejarczuk
Media Studies Richardo Valencia
Jeremiah Favara*
Patrick Jones*
Mathematics Bradley Burdick
Theo Hawley
Music Alison Kaufman
Kevin Whitman
Natasha Reich
Krista Abrahamson
Sam Golter
Philosophy Claire Pickard
Gus Skorburg
Devin Fitzpatrick
Physics Johan Bonilla
Blake Parris
Dave Grych
Tyler Harvey
Erin Cook
Ian Snyder
Kyle Lynch-Klarup
Richard Wagner
Political Science Michael Magee
Benedikt Springer
Malori Musselman
Kevin O’Hare
Psychology Phillippe Bou Malham
Kristen Reinhardt
Romance Languages Nagore Sedano
Macarena Tajada Lopez
Erin Moberg
Eva Serfozo*
Michelle Loew*
Brandon Rigby*
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology Caitlin Plowman
Marie Hunt
Sociology Camila Alvarez
Martha Camargo
Andrew Labuza
Dan Fielding
Evan Shenkin
Theater Arts Zeina Salame