Summer Insurance Payments: Due July 18th!


Make sure you pay your summer insurance bill by July 18th or your coverage will end retroactively back to June 15th. You can pay by check payable to the “GTFF Trust” (mail to 870 E 13th Ave, Eugene OR  97401) or by debit/credit card over the phone at (541)344-0832.

2012 Summer Term Rates:

Employee only = $242.43

Employee + spouse/partner = $501.84

Employee + child(ren) = $317.52

Employee + family = $573.93

Insurance Office Hours are Monday through Thursday from 9-4; however the office will be closed periodically due to staff vacation time and varied summer schedules. If no one is available when you stop by you can drop your payment through the mail slot or email and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

SPRING TERM GRADUATES can remain on the insurance over the summer term for the rates listed above ONLY if you’re returning for a PHD program in the fall. Spring term graduates who aren’t returning for further degrees will receive COBRA Election information at the end of June/early July offering you a continuation of your benefits from June 16th on. You’ll have 60 days to decide if you want the coverage. If you do, just send the election notice back with your first months premium and your coverage will pick up retroactively back to June 16th, 2012. Click on the healthcare tab above for more information about COBRA.

Questions about summer insurance, COBRA, or which one you’re eligible for? Email