Mutual Aid Hardship Fund

GEs Helping GEs

As members may recall from our 2020 bylaws, we, as an organization, have voted to introduce a new bylaw which established the GTFF Mutual Aid Hardship Fund, “meant to address shortfalls in summer employment.” The full text of this new bylaw and others can be found here

As of Summer 2020, we have allocated $30,000 to the fund. Amounts between $300-$1000 (unless lower amount requested) will be disbursed to up to 60 recipients by July 5th. We would like to especially encourage those barred from seeking summer employment outside of campus to apply here. Applications will be open until June 25 at 11:59pm PT.

UPDATE: We were able to distribute an initial $30,000 dollar disbursement to 50 GEs averaging ~$650 each, with the first round of checks sent on July 1. We are still soliciting donations to the Hardship Fund. We will provide subsequent disbursements to our financially impacted colleagues as soon as we have enough money from donations to do so.

Want to contribute to the mutual aid fund? You can click here to contribute any amount!

Curious about the process?

We are employing a double-anonymized review process, much like what you’d encounter in journal review. The process and amounts disbursed will, in part, be determined by the number of applicants, but principles of equity and mutual aid were employed to develop a transparent decision process.

Have questions?

Contact our VP for Equity & Inclusion at