Fall 2016 Ratification Vote Information

Voting Options

The Fall 2016 GTFF Ratification Vote is October 24-28th in the GTFF Office, and also by online ballot, sent to your current email registered with the Union. If you do not receive an online ballot you are not currently in the system–come by the GTFF office or one of the traveling ballot box locations to sign a blue card and cast a paper ballot!

You can also stop in and vote at one of the traveling ballot box locations. Traveling ballot box times and locations are as follows:

Monday 12-1 – Willamette
Tuesday 12-1 – Straub
Wednesday 12-1 – Frohnmyer Music
Thursday 12-1 – PLC
Friday 12-1 – Hedco

Election results will be announced Saturday, Oct. 29 by email.

Voting Information

On June 30th, the GTFF bargaining team concluded bargaining with the university, that resulting in a tentative agreement over GE wages, benefits, and working conditions for the next three years. It is now up to the General Membership to vote on these articles and decide if the GTFF should ratify them into the 2016-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement!

To find out what you are voting on, you can check out the articles of tentative agreement: (tentative-gtff-contract-2016-19-gtff-final-edits)
-You can also find a bargaining summary (bargaining-summary) or a bargaining summary relative to our priorities (bargaining-summary-by-priority)

Statements from Training Committee candidates can be found here (graduate-training-committee-nominees-and-statements) upon availability. All full members can vote for this elected position.

You can also read about the election in this month’s edition of The Agitator (agitator-october-2016-digital).

Proposed Bylaw Amendments
Article 6, Section 1 – Expansion of Officer Term Limits to Enable More Adequate New Officer Training (Amendment Text)
In Support of Officer Term Extensions
Article 11 – Replace Robert’s Rules of Order with Graduate Employee Union’s Rules of Order (Amendment Text)
In Support of Replacing Robert’s Rules
Against Replacing Robert’s Rules
New Proposed Bylaw: Officer Stipends (Amendment Text)

Happy voting!