Labor Needs YOU (yes you!) More Than Ever

Fellow GTFFers,

We have arrived at a major historical juncture, and I don’t mean finals week/spring break. Last night the Republicans in Wisconsin passed their Union Busting “budget bill” by a procedure that removed all elements relevant to the budget—leaving only the parts that were always the central goal, those designed to break the labor movement. For more details you can follow this link to hear directly from one of our graduate union brothers: if you didn’t know grad unionists have been at the front of the struggle from the beginning!

This is not only about breaking the unions in Wisconsin, it is part of a larger offensive by big business to increase exploitation and wealth inequality nationally. They know that labor is the most politically important element of the left and that if they can crush us they can roll back equality in many other facets of society. So do environmentalists, women’s groups, and many others who have flocked to Madison to support unions there.

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