Operations Committee Post-Election Statement

The GTFF Operations Committee stands in opposition to the ongoing white supremacist and anti-Black violence in this country and is meeting to organize around post-election violence by white supremacists and the potential refusal of President Trump to step down from office.  We understand that the threat of white supremacist violence has always been a threat… Continue reading Operations Committee Post-Election Statement

Alliance of Graduate Employee Locals Conference, 2015

  There’s still time to register for the national AGEL Conference, happening just up the road in Corvallis on Saturday, October 31. Come celebrate Halloween in union style, and bring a costume! Our cousins in CGE have been planning a really exciting conference, but they want more GTFF members to join them! You can pick… Continue reading Alliance of Graduate Employee Locals Conference, 2015

Chicago Teachers Union Strike

As many of you may know, at 5 a.m. CST, the Chicago Teacher’s Union took to the picket line. Since the last teacher’s strike in 1987, there has been a concerted effort by city government to privatize education and break CTU Local 1. Both newspapers in the city are fervently anti-union, and generating public support… Continue reading Chicago Teachers Union Strike

Labor Needs YOU (yes you!) More Than Ever

Fellow GTFFers, We have arrived at a major historical juncture, and I don’t mean finals week/spring break. Last night the Republicans in Wisconsin passed their Union Busting “budget bill” by a procedure that removed all elements relevant to the budget—leaving only the parts that were always the central goal, those designed to break the labor… Continue reading Labor Needs YOU (yes you!) More Than Ever

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