Political Education: Sarah Stach

Get to know your VP for Political Education!

What is your name?

Sarah Stach

What pronouns do you use?


Where are you from?

Chicago, IL

What degree are you working toward?

PhD in Political Science

What projects (research, creative) have you worked on? If your degree has a thesis component, what is/will it be about?

I recently finished the Master’s component of my program, which was focused on Indigenous resistance against resource development in/on historically Tribal land.

What GE positions have you held while at UofO?

I’ve held GE teaching positions in the Political Science department.

What is your educational background (e.g., degree, subject, school)?

I have a BA in International Studies from DePaul University.

How many years have you been at UofO?

2 (since 2017)

How many years have you been a GE?

2 (since 2017)

How many years have you been a member of GTFF?

2 (since 2017)

What roles have you held within GTFF?

Bargaining Committee Member
Full Member

What is your favorite aspect of GTFF?

My favorite aspects of GTFF are the community, solidarity, and power we have when we work collectively.

What are your goals for GTFF for the coming year?

My goals for GTFF for the coming year are educating membership on labor-related issues, connecting GTFF general membership to the broader Eugene community, and proactively engaging GTFF in political and social movements that reach beyond our Collective Bargaining Agreement.