Membership: Morgan Sosa

Get to know your VP for Membership!

What is your name?

Morgan Sosa

What pronouns do you use?


What degree are you working toward?

PhD in Chemistry

What projects (research, creative) have you worked on? If your degree has a thesis component, what is/will it be about?

I do research modeling molecular aggregation for potential use in solar and light-emitting devices.

What would you like for your post-graduation career to be/focus on?

Community organizing and programming. At this point, I don’t have much interest in going into chemistry as a field.

What job(s) do you have now or have had in the past?

I’ve worked retail, food services, and as a tutor before coming to graduate school.

What GE positions have you held while at UofO?

I’m currently the head TA for the general chemistry lab course, where I prepare materials and teach TAs how to teach each lesson. Previously, I have been a regular TA for the same course.

What is your educational background (e.g., degree, subject, school)?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Chemistry.

How many years have you been at UofO?

4 (since 2015)

How many years have you been a GE?

4 (since 2015)

How many years have you been a member of GTFF?

4 (since 2015)

What roles have you held within GTFF?

Full Member

What is your favorite aspect of GTFF?

I love making connections with people from other departments and with other lived experiences. There is something to be said for the camaraderie and solidarity I’ve felt with this group.

What are your goals for GTFF this upcoming year?

Getting a kickass contract! Building a strong network of stewards and a sense of community between departments and the Eugene-Springfield area as a whole.

What else do you feel is important for GTFF members to know about you?

I love animals, especially creepy crawlies. I have a cat named Mimi, a dog named Mitzi, and a tiny garden. I like to do crafts, watch anime, and go hiking!

Meet Mitzi and Mimi!